Malware Removal Service

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Malware Removal Service

Malware, viruses, hackers. There’s seemingly nowhere safe on the internet. And when it comes to your own website it can be a minefield to make sure it’s safe and your visitors are secure. It’s one thing for your own security to be compromised but a hacked website can lead your visitors to mistrust you and your business, going with a more trustworthy competitor and leaving you to pick up the pieces.

Have a look in your website’s back end and you’ll see that there has probably been many failed login attempts, these are brute force attacks and providing your passwords are strong enough usually don’t work. However, there is a more insidious way that your website can be compromised, and that’s through malware.

You may not even notice that your site has been compromised but there are several key symptoms that can show you your site has been the victim of an attack these are:

  • Google and other search engines have kicked you from their listings
  • Visitors to your site inform you that their antivirus program is rejecting your site
  • Your web host has blocked your site
  • When searching for your site, search engines display spam websites instead
  • Visitors get pop-ups and redirected when viewing your site on a mobile

Once infected your site may be impossible to retrieve and if it is possible it may be costly. You will undoubtedly lose customers and your businesses name will have lost a lot of the credibility that you’ve built up over the years.

There are many types of website attacks, some obvious and some more subtle. Some of these attacks which you may have heard of include:

SQL Injection – With this attack, hackers can enter a string of code into forms on your website which can bypass your site’s security. This allows the hacker to gain access to sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card information stored in a local database.

Unvalidated Redirects – Hackers can manipulate a trusted site’s URL so that it redirects visitors to malicious phishing sites.

XSS or Cross-Site Scripting – With this attack, hackers are able to insert javascript into your website which can completely change the content viewed on the page and can potentially be used to gain user personal information.

The above attacks can all be set up once your site has been infected with malware. Safeguarding against such attacks should be seen as a number one priority for your business.

One way to protect against possible security breaches is to use our professional malware removal service. Using such a service will scan your site for possible compromises; clean your site, removing any malicious software programs embedded in it; if need be, will can also perform a manual deep clean for those types of hack that are a little bit more difficult to remove automatcially.

Prevention is always better than the cure and retrieving your site after a security breach can be a costly experience. Using a professional malware removal service will only give your site a deep clean after an attack, so our 360 degree firewalls will provide ongoing 24/7 protection for your online business; giving you and your customers peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your website and business is a safe and secure port of call on the internet.