Seasonal Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

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Seasonal Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Seasonal events like Easter, Christmas, and Black Friday represent incredible marketing opportunities for small businesses. These types of events are associated with a huge increase in consumer activity, which makes them the perfect time to attract more business with clever marketing initiatives. This guide will share a few seasonal marketing ideas to help you take advantage of these events.

Leverage the power of social media

Social media has become one of the most effective marketing tools available for small businesses. It is a very affordable option and allows small businesses to engage with millions of customers around the globe instantaneously.

As you approach a seasonal event, be sure to share all of your promotional activities via social media. This includes any sales events, competitions, or new products that you are offering to celebrate the seasonal event in question. You can even run promotions that are specially designed for social media, like a competition where customers must share your social media posts with their friends to enter.

Send exclusive deals out via email

Email marketing is another wonderful online marketing technique that particularly useful for small businesses. It is a low cost marketing option that is effective at increasing customer engagement during seasonal events. 

One effective approach is to use a series of emails in the weeks leading up to the event. For example, you could have daily specials on individual products in the two weeks leading up to Black Friday. You could also have a virtual Christmas advent calendar, where you unlock a different deal each day in the lead-up to Christmas.

Start promoting early

One way to stay ahead of your competitors is to start promoting seasonal offers well before the event date. Begin stocking Easter products in January or Christmas products in October. Begin advertising Black Friday specials well in advance of the event, so customers know about the deals that will be available.

You can also set up displays and begin advertising campaigns before your competitors, to gain the attention of the shoppers who look forward to these events. Another great strategy is to offer services to help people prepare for each event, like a payment plan or lay away scheme for Christmas hampers or presents.

Update your branding to reflect the event

Reminding people that a seasonal event is rapidly approaching will often put them in a ‘spending mood’. They will be reminded that there are Easter chocolates available or that they need to buy a present for their mother for Mother’s Day.

One simple way to remind consumers of the event is to alter your branding. Start by adding some seasonal graphics to your advertisements, email newsletters, stationary, and website. You can also make some changes to your store, adding the appropriate decorations and displays.

A great example of a company using this technique well is Google, who add Google Doodles to the search search engine’s homepage. These humorous illustrations immediately remind the users of an upcoming seasonal event.

Send out gift guides

Many consumers find events like Mother’s day, Christmas, and Father’s day annoying because they don’t know what kind of present to buy. Help them solve this dilemma by offering gift guides for each event. Send your gift guides out via email newsletter and add them to your website.

Reward your loyal customers

Christmas and Easter are the perfect time of year to give back to your loyal customers. Consider offering exclusive deals and bonuses to customers who have spent over a certain amount in your store during the year. Advertise this offer well in advance, so customers get an opportunity to beat the sales threshold and obtain their bonuses. You could also offer bonuses to anyone who spends over a certain amount in a single purchase or deals for customers who follow your business on social media. 

Customise your services

Some businesses can tailor their services to help customers enjoy their seasonal activities more. For example, if you were a restaurant, you could offer a special Christmas dinner menu during the holidays. You could also alter your opening hours to make it easier for customers to make a purchase.

Send out printed promotional material

Most consumers are bombarded with dozens of emails each day promoting various products and services. This can make it difficult for your sales emails to cut through, especially around the time of events like Christmas and Black Friday.

Get around this problem by sending out some ‘novel’ printed promotional material like Christmas cards or postcards. These kinds of unusual items can really capture the attention of customers. You could even send a free gift to some of your best customers as a reward for their patronage.

Create a one-off shopping event

A special one off in-store event is a great way to mark a seasonal holiday. For Christmas, your event could include an in-store choir, free egg nog for every visitor, or giveaways on the day. Decorate the store for the event and promote it heavily via social media and traditional advertising.

Throw an annual competition

A special seasonal event with prizes can attract plenty of customers and make your business stand out. Some competitions which work well include:

  • Pet dress up competitions
  • Photo caption competitions
  • Talent shows
  • Charity fun run
  • Selfie contests
  • Essay contests

Help customers celebrate the holiday

Make your small business a location where families can celebrate holidays like Christmas and Easter with in-store Santas or Easter bunnies. Give away some presents or chocolates to attract families into the store.

Give some money to charity

Seasonal events like Christmas, Ramadan, and Hanukkah are all celebrations involving giving. Your business can commemorate these events by doing some giving of your own. Organise a day where 10% of all purchases goes to charity. Customers will feel grateful for your act of generosity and will enjoy giving to charity.

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