Video and Social Media

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Video and Social Media

Video content has begun to dominate social media in the past couple of years. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram — videos have become much more common and the video content being produced has become much more compelling.

The rise of video has largely been driven by social media users who find videos far more engaging and exciting compared to other media. In fact, social media posts containing videos generate 1200% more social media shares than posts containing images or text. 

Many businesses have also incorporated video content into their marketing strategies with great results. An estimated 81% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool, which is up from 63% the previous year.

Businesses have discovered that video content helps consumers develop a deeper connection with their brandand gets many more views than images or text. Viewers also find video content much more memorable, with viewers retaining 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading text.

If you are interested in getting into video marketing on social media, this is the post for you. I’ll be sharing some great ideas for incorporating video into your social media feeds.

Behind the scenes videos

Humans beings are naturally curious and love to know things are made or how people work. Show them using informative behind the scenes video where you walk through your business and discuss what happens every day.

These kinds of videos can be a fantastic opportunity to highlight the strengths of your business and showcase the talent of your employees. Behind the scenes videos also humanise your business for viewers, increasing trust and brand awareness.  

If your business is a bit dull, you can take viewers behind the scenes of events that you sponsor like sports matches, charity events, or concerts. Viewers will enjoy seeing a professionally produced video featuring people they know.

Product demonstrations

Video is the perfect format for walking consumers through the features of a product. Because the format is so engaging, you can retain the viewer’s attention for several minutes as you showcase the item on display. It’s even possible to perform a live streaming video where you take questions about the product from viewers and immediately answer them on screen with a demonstration.


Social media users watch millions of entertaining or informative interviews online each day. You can tap into this viewership by broadcasting an interview with an industry thought leader, high-profile customer, or team member discussing a topic that relates to your business.

You can ask them prepared questions or take questions from social media users in real time. This gives viewers a great opportunity to learn more about specific products and services or how your business works. It will improve customer engagement and help you grow an audience.

User-generated content

One of the advantages of promoting your business on social media is that you can interact directly with consumers very easily. You can even ask them to contribute their own video content relating to your products or services, including their personal reviews, feedback, and ideas.

One of the best social media marketing strategies for creating user-generated content is to hold contests where you ask people to show others how they use your product. Ask them to submit videos of your product in action as they explain what they love about it. The person with most amusing or informative video wins a prize.

Because they are sharing these videos on their personal social media feeds, thousands of other people will see them, which improves brand awareness, trust, and product recognition.

Promotions and deals

Video is a great format for sharing details of promotions and deals with viewers. One great way to promote deals is to film a video where you walk through your store, showing off some of the products that are currently on sale. This approach humanises your business and gives viewers an indication of the many products that are available.

Announcements and product reveals

If you have a big announcement or a new product launching in the near future, an exciting video is one of the best ways to launch it. You can use a short video for the reveal with longer videos to highlight the features of the product. If you want a reminder of how good a product reveal can be, take a walk down memory lane and watch Steve Jobs presenting the first iPhone.

Breaking news

A large number of people now use social media as their main source of news. You can help these viewers by providing them with news that relates to your business in some way. For example, if you are running a computer shop, start having weekly technology roundup videos where you showcase the newest products on the market. You can attract a large audience while establishing your business as an authority within the industry.


Almost everyone has searched online for help at one point or another. They often land on websites like YouTube, which are packed with millions of video tutorials for everything from carpentry to making ice cream. You can film tutorials of for the products that your business sells and publish them directly to social media.

Using video on social media

Here are a few tips to help you make your posted videos successful.

1. Make videos that provide value

Any video you post online should be entertaining, educational, informative, or valuable in some other way. Don’t simply spam advertisements as your viewers will tune out.

2. Don’t force sound onto viewers

Many social media users will be watching videos while on public transport or in a public space. They don’t want to be forced to listen to audio in this setting, so it’s a good idea to offer captions.

3. Make the introduction attention-grabbing

Social media users will judge the value of a video in the first few seconds. So, you need a professional introduction that grabs their attention. You also need to explain the value proposition of the video in the first couple of seconds, so they understand why they should watch it.

4. Short videos are best

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are highly addictive because they constantly throw snippets of information at the user. You won’t be able to get a viewer to focus on a 20 minute video in this kind of environment. Instead, aim for 2-to-3 minute videos that are packed with as much information as possible. Only use longer videos for special events like behind-the-scenes tours and guest interviews.

I hope you enjoyed Video and Social Media. For more tips on adding video to your social media presence, contact us today